Monday, September 15, 2008

Exercise #10

From reading about "Librarian 2" I have realized how crucial it is for libraries and librarians to welcome the changes in the way the world gets its information. If we don't embrace these changes we will be left behind, and the library will become a dinosaur. However, I do very strongly feel that we must devalue the work we do with children in sparking their imagination with wonderful preschool programmes with REAL books, gorgeously illustrated, that are enthusiastically read aloud by an inspired and inspiring REAL librarian.

Exercise #9

Found this confusing, did the search on the Blog directory ok, but couldn't find anywhere to search for the tags? So couldn't tell you if the searches are different or not.

Exercise #8

Hmm, interesting, a great way to narrow down your search for information on a partivular subject, and useful being able to get into the bookmarks from anywhere.

Exercise #7

This was very frustrating because every time I went to subscibe to the 5-10 news feeds that were required I just got the "this page cannot be displayed" message.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Benefits of a Digital Camera to the Sculptor

I find a digital camera indispensible when I am sculpting.
After many hours working on a piece one often stops really "seeing" it. To take a photo on a digital camera, then look at your work through the eye of the camera allows you to step back from it and often I will see what it is that I am not happy with, or notice something that needs changing. And sometimes I even look at the photo and think "Actually , that's not bad!"

Making a Jigsaw
This looks great, with the festive season not so far away, could make great gifts for kids or puzzle loving grandparents.

Sculpture by Fiona Startup

These sculptures were inspired by a line from New Zealand poet A.R.D.Fairburn's poem"Logos"

The line ..."And my hand carved out your body from the rock of night and all was well"
I have done a series of sculptures that use lines from Fairburn as their inspiration.