Monday, September 15, 2008

Exercise #10

From reading about "Librarian 2" I have realized how crucial it is for libraries and librarians to welcome the changes in the way the world gets its information. If we don't embrace these changes we will be left behind, and the library will become a dinosaur. However, I do very strongly feel that we must devalue the work we do with children in sparking their imagination with wonderful preschool programmes with REAL books, gorgeously illustrated, that are enthusiastically read aloud by an inspired and inspiring REAL librarian.

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Biblio Chick said...

Someone has to bring up the rear - so welcome to the wonderful world of the Web!

I love the pictures of your sculptures - they are beautiful. It is truly amazing the things one can see and do on the Web - every single art form is there for viewing and enjoying, plus so many ideas to help one become even more creative than one thinks one is! I love poetry and have found a great deal of really bad poetry, but tons of wonderful connections to incredibly talented people. Long live the web and enjoy the journey - it is more fun than I anticipated.

I agree wholeheartely with your sentiment that we must never devalue our work which is to spark children's imaginations by devoping a lifelong love of reading.

Do you already have a website to adverise your work? If not, why?